ResourceKraft’s suite of Energy Management solutions enables organisations to identify energy use and waste, reduce costs, remotely control output, and comply with regulatory and industry standards.

With ResourceKraft, energy becomes as measurable and controllable as any other resource input.


Company Overview

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ResourceKraft is a Energy Management tech company with operations in the United States, Canada, UK and Ireland.

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ResourceKraft is a world leader in energy management and energy cost control software. Our enterprise-grade energy management platform supports all of our products.

ResourceKraft software collects information on your energy and fuel usage from several sources including your existing energy meters, newly installed meters and other data sources. In most cases a data logging package is installed at your site that automatically logs data from your meters and relays it automatically to our servers.

ResourceKraft software has scalability designed in! We love to deploy our software in organisations that have multiple (tens?, hundreds?, thousands?) sites. You will love it also as our software will help you impose control on the energy costs of your distributed organisation.

“ResourceKraft measurement of Electricity, Fuel Oil, Gas and Water provides empirical data. Knowledge has given us the ability to speak with authority to internal stakeholders and confirm CRC carbon tax liabilities.”

Bernard Higgins, Group Facilities & Energy Manager, Bank of Ireland

Advisor: Energy Analytics

ResourceKraft Advisor is a web-based energy management cost control system. Leveraging Resourcekraft's energy management platform, it gathers, processes and analyses energy data from meters and / or third party systems and converts it into business information, enabling organizations to understand how and where energy is being consumed at any given time across all sites.

ResourceKraft Advisor enables organizations to incorporate KPIs, set targets, generate reports and involve management and staff to make informed energy management decisions in the drive to reduce energy costs and meet carbon commitments.

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Canary DA2: Data Acquisition

Canary DA2 is a data acquisition system, designed to acquire, process and communicate energy data. The system contains an embedded computer, GPRS telecommunications and data acquisition hardware.

Canary DA2 is a data acquisition system, designed to acquire, process and communicate energy data. Canary DA2 can accept three pulse inputs (SO), or it can acquire data from MODBUS RTU slaves. It can also control up to two external electrical loads through its digital outputs.

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EnACT: Multi-site central Control & Scheduling

ResourceKraft Advisor is not just about monitoring your energy usage – it is also about direct control. The optional ResourceKraft EnACT system allows operators of multi-site organisations to centrally control lighting, HVAC and other loads. ResourceKraft EnACT allows schedules and rules to be easily developed for different kinds of loads and for different parts of the year.

These schedules and rules can then be “pushed” out to hundreds of locations at the press of a button. ResourceKraft EnACT is designed to be cost effective, easy to deploy and require minimal long term maintenance. EnACT is not complex like typical Building Management Systems or Building Control Systems.