“ResourceKraft measurement of Electricity, Fuel Oil, Gas and Water provides empirical data. Knowledge has given us the ability to speak with authority to internal stakeholders and confirm CRC carbon tax liabilities.”

Bernard Higgins, Group Facilities & Energy Manager, Bank of Ireland

Company Overview


esourceKraft was established in 2007 on a foundation of experience in the electronics, computing and energy industries. It is the intention of ResourceKraft to develop innovative technology-driven products that assist organisations of all kinds, to measure and reduce their energy usage and carbon emissions, to assist with utility bill management and in general, to help enforce corporate policies on all of the aforementioned.

Advisor 9

ResourceKraft is a world leader in energy management and energy cost control software. Our enterprise-grade energy software platform, Energy Konnect, supports all of our products.

ResourceKraft software collects information on your energy and fuel usage from several sources including your existing energy meters, newly installed meters and other data sources. In most cases a data logging package is installed at your site that automatically logs data from your meters and relays it automatically to our servers.

ResourceKraft software has scalability designed in! We love to deploy our software in organisations that have multiple (tens?, hundreds?, thousands?) sites. You will love it also as our software will help you impose control on the energy costs of your distributed organisation.


Sales Manager for Ireland

ResourceKraft Ltd is seeking an experienced, “go getting” sales manager to take responsibility for the company’s sales activities in Ireland.  ResourceKraft is an established Ireland-registered company, specialising in the development and provision of leading edge energy management solutions.

Marketing Executive

ResourceKraft is looking for a killer marketing exec. ResourceKraft is a fast moving company that develops cool technology to help businesses save money on energy and reduce carbon emissions. The successful candidate will be based in Dublin.